Newbury MA Bathroom Renovation Advice

Bathroom remodeling projects are popular because it commonly leads to a high return on investment when selling a home. One of the most important steps of any remodeling project is what you do before reaching for the toolbox. Proper preparation will save money later on. Following you will find Newbury MA bathroom renovation advice.

Decor and Fixtures

Begin researching your options ahead of time. Home Decorating magazines are a good resource for ideas. Pick colors, fixtures and accessories that you like and keep a file of these items. When making your selections, consider energy and money-saving option such as low flow toilets, water efficient shower heads, and automatic light sensors. Lastly, do not forget about storage. Adding storage such as under sink cabinets is very important. Speak with all household members before finalizing the plans and make decisions that best provide for the needs of all who will be using the space.

Create a Budget

Set an affordable budget but allow for a little wiggle room. Focus more on useful and practical items. Do not go overboard with fancy features. This will help to stay within your budget. Sensible, durable fixtures and materials such as stainless steel or tile floors will work well and can help elevate property values. Also prepare for the unforeseen. You may find additional items needing repairs as your remodel progresses. For example, removal of the shower may expose leaks or other issues.

Get Multiple Proposals from Local Contractors

Get referrals from friends and neighbors on companies they have used in the past. Research the license status of a contractor through online resources like the state website. Finally, ask for and compare estimates and samples of work from more than one contractor. This is a must.

Newbury MA Bathroom Renovation Advice

Planning is the most critical part of a bathroom renovation project and can help reduce headaches, complications, and going over budget. Keep the Newbury MA bathroom renovation advice in this blog in mind before beginning your project. When well thought out, a newly remodeled bathroom can increase the resale value of a property. Remember that the return on investment is typically less than the amount spent, especially when you add in the expense of using a contractor. However, you will be able to enjoy your new bathroom until you are ready to sell!

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