Newbury MA Custom Home Kitchen Upgrades

When building a custom home in Newbury MA, you have a great opportunity to include some upgrades that will really make your kitchen special. There are many Newbury MA custom home kitchen upgrades to think about. Below are a few desirable add-ons that you can install.

Newbury MA Custom Home Kitchen Upgrades


Appliances are offered in varied styles, designs, brands, and prices. You can certainly select higher models with advanced features without adjusting the layout of your space, but for a truly customized kitchen, you may select a few not-so-common appliance options such as these:

  • Wall Ovens
  • Dishwasher Drawers
  • Island Cooking Stations
  • Built-in Refridgerator
  • Food Warming Drawer
  • Built-in Microwave
  • Wine Coolers
  • Fancy Hood Vents

Cabinet Features

Instead of basic kitchen cabinet shelves, think about add-on features that fully utilize the space and add convenience. Some enhancements are installed cabinet interiors while others can enhance the look and feel of your overall kitchen.

  • Drawers Rather than Simple Shelves
  • Roll-out Drawers
  • Vertical Tray Storage
  • Hidden Trash and Recycling Bins
  • Under-cabinet Lighting
  • Divided Storage Inside Drawers
  • On-Counter Garage for Appliances
  • Lazy Susan Corner Storage
  • Textured Doors on Select Cabinets

Additional Kitchen Ideas

Aside from appliances and cabinets, there are additional kitchen enhancements that you might consider. These are less important than those listed above but also add benefit.

  • Pot Filler Water Spout Over Stove Top
  • Additional Sink Dispensers for Hot Water, Filtered Water, or Soap
  • Bar Sink

Advantages of Customizing Your Kitchen

Kitchens are a huge selling feature for homes and are thus a great room to invest extra money and apply some creative thinking. There are many upgrades that will elevate the market value of your home and also offer added convenience for you and your family. Some offer great value with little cost. Weigh the cost and advantages of each option as you create a kitchen that fits your budget and makes your home special. Stop by your local kitchen design store for more Newbury MA custom home kitchen upgrades.

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